Thu 16.02.2023 20:00H

BEN. (L'Oncle Soul)

Live 2023

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BEN. (L'Oncle Soul)
Ten years ago, the first album of Ben L'Oncle Soul was released. It revealed the soulful attitude of this extraordinary singer who came out of nowhere - or, more precisely, from the Beaux-Arts in Tours. Since then, his golden voice has carried hundreds of concert halls in France and around the world. But don't talk about Uncle Soul anymore. Today, it's just Ben, and not the character he created for himself in the beginning. "After having built up a very strong relationship with my audience, I thought we could finally get on a first-name basis, move on to something more direct," he explains. Ben, the diminutive of always. Simple, obvious... and without the nostalgic echoes of an uncle, however soulful!  Good news, this change is not only patronymic, it is also sound. With Addicted to You, Ben sweeps the borders between R'n'B and hip hop, with a jazz tendency, a pop obedience, with echoes of soul here and reggae there. A record that reflects the great musical loves of Ben's adolescence, from Method Man to Lauryn Hill through the Wu Tang Clan, Robert Glasper's jazz as well as the R'n'B of the 90's: Usher, TLC, Maxwell, Aaliyah...