Sa 28.05 13:00H


Electronic Music Festival


32€ - 36 € zzgl. Gebühren


Early Bird Tickets until 16th of March.
Tickets for the January edition do not remain valid and can be refunded via Eventim

Soft Planet is a new festival for electronic music happening in the new Zoom Club premises in Frankfurt. The first edition will merge different perspectives on electronic club music - on two floors with DJ and live sets. Timetable will be announced soon.

2 Rooms | 17 Artists | 22 hours of DJ- and Live Sets | 2 Lectures | 1 Screening

In Advance to club night/concerts, two lectures and one screening will kick off the event. More info on the programme will follow soon. RSVP on: (limited seating). Please note: RSVP does not include regular access to festival ground. To enter concerts/club night after the Lectures & Screening, a general admission (or early bird) ticket is required.